At EXPO Ferroviaria 2016, SITS presented its versatile CableRail® system, which installs and protects cables and tubes for fibre optics along railway tracks.

Fast, safe, secure, accurate and economical, CableRail® supports the railway signalling and telecommunications sectors by installing copper cables and/or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes for fibre-optic lines.

CableRail® offers two technologies:

  • CableRail Surface® first installs concrete or composite cable troughs and then, in a second pass, copper cables and/or HDPE tubes and trough covers. All at 300 metres/hour.
  • CableRail Sub® buries copper cables and/or HDPE tubes in one single pass, simultaneously, up to 80 cm deep at 420 metres/hour.

The CableRail® system can simultaneously install up to six cables or tubes having a diameter of up to 8 cm each.

Already in use and under continuous development in France for decades, CableRail® combines versatility, performance and cost control. CableRail® also meets the very demanding standards of the French railways. Large public and private stakeholders in railway infrastructure, railway signalling and telecommunications trust us with their cable installation needs.

The CableRail® system is adaptable to the technical and regulatory requirements of railway networks in Europe and worldwide. We thank our many visitors at EXPO Ferroviaria 2016. We were pleased to discuss your projects and how CableRail® can support them.