CableRail® installs and protects cables along railway tracks. Fast.

At InnoTrans 2016, SITS presented its CableRail® technology, which installs and protects copper cables or fibre-optic tubes for railway signalling or for telecommunications.

We offer two systems:

  • CableRail Surface® installs concrete or composite surface troughs, lays copper cables or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes for fibre optics, and affixes covers. All at 300 metres/hour.
  • CableRail Sub® is a cable plough that buries cables or HDPE tubes 80 cm deep at 420 metres/hour.

Either system can simultaneously install up to six cables or HDPE fibre-optic tubes with a diameter of up to 8 cm each.

To install and protect cables faster and to cut costs, CableRail®:

  • Carries troughs and cables on its work train, eliminating costly and risky ground distribution.
  • Switches fast between travel and work modes.
  • Continually adjusts for track cant and trackside topography and obstacles.
  • Can install troughs and cables between the track and catenary masts.
  • Reduces damage, theft and vandalism.


Since 1984, CableRail® has been evolving in the demanding railway environment. It has installed cables and HDPE fibre-optic tubes along thousands of kilometres of legacy and high-speed lines.

SITS can adapt CableRail® to any project in the world. Including yours.

We thank all those who visited us at InnoTrans 2016. We enjoyed discussing your projects and how CableRail® can support them.